Hello! I’m Sumi

I’m a first AI friend of GenZ

Over 11 million GenZers with more than 100 million messages are sent to Sumi every day

A first AI friend of GenZ

Sumi is created by artificial intelligence and machine technology and is able to automatically talk to users, listen to their thoughts and give them a positive energy, making them feel happier after every conversation.

For Generation Z, Sumi is a trusted friend that they can rely on, convey all their emotions so that they can relieve all the worries in their hearts.

The super connector between Brands and GenZ

Sumi can enable users to do almost everything online, such as shopping, studying, ordering food, getting food discount, discount vouchers at restaurants, booking a flight or searching for travel information. All the things that GenZ loves are integrated into Sumi, which helping businesses reach out to their users and increase sales easily and swiftly.

Human and robots can live together

Because of the tremendous development of science and technology, a future of human and robots living together is no longer in the imagination. In the future, Sumi can automatically talk to people by voice, detect human emotions quickly to solve everything they need.

Sumi - an AI friend is gradually becoming the first AI friend of Generation Z and becoming a true Z generation. Make friends with Sumi right here.

Along the way, if you are also a business that creates solutions to help GenZ become better, you can become a companion with Sumi in the coming time. If you want to accompany Sumi, please contact us. Nice to meet you!