Sumi’s friends

Hello my friend! Let Sumi show you all Sumi’friends!
They are super good friends, super adorable and super creative.

This is “Túi”! Sumi and Cashbag help users save money in online shopping

“Túi”, the representative character for Cashbag, the No. 1 cashback app in Vietnam, has for the first time combined with Sumi. Sumi and “Túi” have created a journey to conquer users and bring “Túi” closer to GenZ, help them initially change their shopping habits and save money on each order.

Sumi and BT21 - Bring Kpop fans closer together

Based on the image of BT21, the representative of global popular boy group BTS, Sumi has teamed up with fan clubs to hold an offline meeting for all GenZ Kpop fans, help them make friends and share hobbies together.

Sumi and Marvel - Become a friend of film fans

Sumi appeared in CGV cinemas to accompany film fans and explore the superhero world together. We also say goodbye to the superhero characters in “Avenger: Endgame” and welcome a newgeneration of superheroes.

Hi! If you're reading these lines, Sumi is happy to meet you!
Together, we will make this world a better place for genZ.
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