Sumi’s family

Welcome to Sumi’s family! A place where we put positive energy above all, have
optimism thinkings to overcome all difficulties and convey positive messages to the world.

Duc Nguyen

Chief Executive Officer

Duc is CEO of Sumi. He is an innovator and tech entrepreneur. He recognizes that there are obstacles in the society, but as an innovator, he will focus on what is possible today and where he can push to lead towards tomorrow.

Thien Duong

Chief Technology Officer

Thien is a CTO of Sumi. He is a software engineer and had many experencing years in programming. He always wants to see how technology enables people and see where others may have challenges with adapting to new technology or ways of doing things.

Huy Pham

Chief Production Officer

Huy is a CPO of Sumi. He is a software engineer and had many experencing years in NLP and AI. Bringing value to users is always on the top of his mind, he always improves the products and makes it more special every day.

Anh Nguyen

Chief Operating Officer

Anh is a COO of Sumi. She is an innovator. She always believes that every generation will have a unique approach to life and every generation is born, people have a new opportunity for innovation and that's how the world operates.

Ai Nguyen


Ai is an artist of Sumi. She is an artist and she is painting a wonderful world for Sumi. She created a colorful fantasy world where GenZ had a better life and with her relentless creativity, the world and technology become more and more different.

Tu Do

Software Engineer

Tu is a Software Engineer of Sumi. He is always curious and finds ways to create new features in his products. He aspires to create a product where everyone is interested, easy to use and suitable for his generation, GenZ.

Hung Le

Software Engineer

Hung is a Software Engineer of Sumi. He is a person who always wants to turn people into characters in the game, looking for ways to win all difficulties in life and create tools to make life better.

Tra Nguyen

Marketing Executive

Tra is a Marketing Executive of Sumi. She is always hungry to go to the world and learn new things. For her, every human being is a special person when they have the right to live their own lives and speak up for the times.

Tran Ngo

Marketing Rockstar

Tran is a Marketing rockstar of Sumi. She is a typical GenZ. She creates everything in her life in the new way and she knows how to make people happy. She always spreads her positive energy to every person she meets and her own product.

Duong Do

Marketing Rockstar

Duong is a Marketing Rockstar of Sumi. She was born in the 2000s and has been exposed to technology ever since she was born, so she understands the concerns of her generation. Therefore, she creates ways to solve the problems that the GenZ encountered.

Phu Trinh

Software Engineer Intern

Phu is a Software Engineer Intern of Sumi. He is an extremely curious young learner, he can learn everything by himself and quickly create products of his generation. He is a potential engineer who will create better products for GenZ.

If you want to be a part of Sumi's family, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to have you in this family!